Celebrate Sweet Sixteen

This is 2016!! It is a very good year!

Do you know some who turns 16 this year?

Machine pieced and appliqued, embellished with yarns, ribbons and metallic threads.


Welcome to my website!

I am a contemporary quilt artist who has been happily making quilts of all kinds for over 30 years.
I have worked with students of all ages and abilities as a classroom teacher and quilt instructor. 
 My outgoing, positive personality makes communication and fun my strengths. 
My goal is to encourage everyone's creativity by introducing different quilting techniques 
to help students create quilts that are uniquely their own.

Father Francis 

He communes with the birds.

Pieced background, fused appliqué, machine quilted.  19x19

Quilting classes and Quilts for Sale!

I will be teaching

Framed Arizona Landscapes at

Quilting in the Desert, January 26, 2017.

For registration information go to


Ginny Goodbar Quilts